In September, our team made their way to London for the Global Dating Insight (GDI) European Conference.

GDI stands as the paramount source for news, information, and analysis within the online dating industry. Their conferences and events serve as a nexus for some of the biggest names in dating, fostering conversations, presentations, and networking opportunities.

HubPeople’s owner, Michael O’Sullivan, hosted an insightful presentation that introduced, complete with a live demonstration showcasing the creation of a fully functional dating app. The audience was invited to suggest a target demographic, location, and app name, and our team had less than 5 minutes to  bring it to life.

According to a GDI Representative:

Michael O’Sullivan of HubPeople demonstrated how AI could be utilised to construct a credible dating website in a matter of moments.”

“For attendees at the GDI and Social Discovery conferences, O’Sullivan spontaneously created a dating app in just a few minutes, responding to prompts from delegates. This instant site came together in a flash, demonstrating the potential for AI in UX and UI development.

During the presentation, a member of the audience proposed a fantastic dating brand idea—to establish a community for cat owners in Chicago named “The Windy Kitty.” At HubPeople, we were delighted to bring this app to life right there in front of the room.

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Social Discovery Insights

Our team also participated in the inaugural Social Discovery Insights conference. Founders like Dennie Smith of Geek Meet, Darren Newman of Socially, Gavin Prime of Inzodiac and our very own Michael O’Sullivan – to name just a few – all discussed the ever-growing need for social connection.

Social platforms are now garnering broader interest as it becomes more acceptable for people to seek platonic interactions online. This shifting cultural attitude bodes well for the future of the Social Discovery market.

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  • Cinema and acting

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