Multi-Variate Pricing Test Sparks Up to 40% Surge in Lifetime Values

On April 10th, we completed a months-long multi-variate pricing test involving over 25,000 users across 7 major territories. Experimenting with various pricing combinations across different subscription tiers resulted in a shift to lower default price points starting that day.

The initial revenue returns remain consistent or have improved across all territories, with projected Lifetime Values (LTV) seeing an impressive increase ranging from 10% to 40% and beyond. These results underscore the strong demand for our product.

Lowering the price has led to a significant increase in user upgrades, with over 10% more users opting for premium subscriptions to offset the reduced price point.

Notable findings include a remarkable 10.2% increase in Initial Revenue Per User (iRPU) and a 29.3% rise in LTV for our Excite Platform in the USA.

In Australia, iRPU surged by 30.3%, with LTV skyrocketing by an impressive 42.6%.

Similarly, while the iRPU in the UK remained largely unchanged (-0.9%), the LTV saw a notable increase of 23.6%. For our Affinity platform, iRPU experienced a noteworthy 24.6% rise, accompanied by a significant 38.3% increase in LTVs across the board.

These results represent the most promising outcome of our product experiments in years. We urge you to capitalise on this performance boost for your brands.

Additionally, we continue to work on enhancing payment processing efficiency in the coming months, so stay tuned for further updates.