Driving down traffic costs and improved upgrade rates across both the Affinity and Excite platforms!

Our acquisition team have been heavily focused on running experiments in Google Ads to find ways of reducing traffic costs while increasing the scale of our in-house brands running across the Excite and Affinity platforms.

With a strong focus on our most established and top performing Excite platform niches, we have seen a 23% reduction in the cost of Google traffic so far this year. Furthermore, compared to the first 3-months of last year, we have driven down adult traffic costs by a massive 74%.

We now have the lowest ‘at scale’ CPL from paid adult traffic that we have seen for more than 5 years. In tandem with the platform enhancements that have been released so far this year, we have seen the upgrade rate of this adult traffic improve by more than 20%.

We are also applying our learnings to mainstream traffic to the Affinity platform. With particular success focused around the gamer, countryside, pets and disabled niches, we have seen a 12% reduction in the cost of traffic so far this year.

When compared to the first 3-months of last year, we’ve reduced the cost of mainstream traffic by 59% with the same volume of registrations. Similar to the adult niches, our continued focus on platform enhancements has seen upgrade rates increase by 6% so far this year.

Our in-house acquisition team are available to discuss optimisations and improvements to your Google traffic campaigns. We’re already working very successfully with a number of partners so speak with your Account Manager to arrange a discussion today!