Country Niche Upgrade Rate Surges by 67%

A refined feed and matching algorithm is currently undergoing testing across select niches with impressive results, particularly in mainstream niches like our countryside community, which showcased a remarkable 67% growth in the upgrade rate.

Following the enhancements made to the gay male niche, the upgrade rates for the niche have continued to increase. The more relevant signup flow, promoted interests and better email targeting have helped the upgrade rate increase by over 15% in the past month. Geographies that have seen above-average increases include 19.3% in USA, 18.1% in Canada and 17.4% in Australia.

Similarly, some improvements have seen the upgrade rate for the lesbian niche increase by 11.5% over the month with particularly strong results in Australia with a 54.2% increase, Canada with 15.6% and the UK with 10.3%.

Finally, we have seen the most notable increases in the upgrade rate within the transgender niche for certain geographies. Across the month we saw the upgrade rate for the UK improve by 24.2% and Australia increase by 31.7%.

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