Private and Public Group Chats Now Live!

HubPeople recently introduced both private and public Group Chats features, a dynamic addition aimed at amplifying connections and cultivating a vibrant community within our platform. Users have been embracing the feature’s unique attributes that cater to various membership tiers.

Results So Far Since Launch

At HubPeople, our commitment to enhancing user engagement and community building is unwavering, and Group Chats exemplify this dedication. We are thrilled to announce the outstanding results since the feature’s launch:

  • Over 30,000 users actively engaged with the Group Chats feature.
  • More than 300 Private Group Chats created, catering to specific interests and communities.
  • A remarkable 100,000 messages exchanged within Group Chats, fostering lively discussions.

Key Highlights of Group Chats:

  1. VIP-Exclusive Chat Groups: Elevating the experience for VIP members, this feature allows them to create private chat groups hosting up to 15 members.
  2. User-Friendly Chat Initiation: Group Chats can be effortlessly initiated using the Floating Action Button, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for users.
  3. Inclusive Participation for Classic Members: While Classics can’t create new groups, they can be invited to join Group Chats initiated by VIPs. This fosters inclusivity within the community.
  4. Convenient Inbox Filtering: The new “groups” filter option in the inbox streamlines navigation, making it easy for users to access their Group Chats.
  5. User-Controlled Group Management: VIP members, as Group Chat owners, have the autonomy to manage their chats. This includes inviting or removing members and adjusting the Group Chat name, providing a personalised experience.

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